Adventures in the Midwest

My stay in the Twin Cities is almost up, and I've started uploading pictures from the last week to flickr. They'll be sorted and grouped there, including trips to Anodyne and cupcake, Molly and Kenny's Wedding, and the biggest Swedish Pancake Extravaganza yet.

I haven't been in MN in the springtime for several years. I think the weather and the greening are even a little bit ahead of CT. A little spring sneezing, but no major allergy freakouts, and a fine time was had by all.

I fly from home to home tomorrow, and back to "Jobquest 2006", which I'm kind of looking forward to getting back to. The past week has been a nice getaway, but socially heavy, so I feel good about returning to Mid-town and getting somewhere with my job search.


I bet you didn't know.

I bet you didn't know., originally uploaded by doctorhectic.

I myself will be staying out of the woods.


SUPERFRIES!, originally uploaded by doctorhectic.

This was dinner tonight at ION (It's Only Natural) restaurant here in Middletown. HUGE sweet potato fries with a cajun tempeh sandwich. SO GOOD!


Where has the tax time gone?

So, in order to avoid doing my taxes, I've been avoiding the computer, which allows me to avoid printing out the various forms. Sketchy logic at best, but last night I did my taxes, so now I'm back to the warm glowing warming glow of the iMac. Let's catch up...

Street typewriters 2

Last weekend we ventured north to Amherst. It was as per usual, food, yarn, beverages, with the added bonus of this sure sign of spring, TYPEWRITERS ON THE SIDEWALK! I didn't dare set foot in this emporium, but one day in the not too distant future, I'm sure I will have no choice.

We also traveled to the nearby Holyoke Mall, as there were rapidly expiring gift certificates that needed redemption, but Rebecca made sure to take us to the creepiest entrance to the place.

Holycrap! Mall Entrance
Fine on the outside...

Where are we going?
...DUNGEON on the inside!

I'm pretty sure this is the leftovers from some lame, themed restaurant (Coal Mine Cafe? Dungeon Diner? Batcave Buffet?), but it is a cool creepy way into the mall. I was told by security not to take pictures in the mall, "especially not OF the mall" (?), otherwise I would also have shown you the stores "Vivid Navel", "Unisex Hair Palace", and "90's Nails". No, really.

Dinner is served.

What looks like Extra-Chunky Grit sandpaper is actually last night's dinner, and it was delicious to boot! I based it on a Catfish with Green Olives recipe from epicurious.com, the topping is garlic stuffed martini olives, basil, lemon juice and zest, and olive oil. Oil in pan, fish on oil, topping mix on fish, parchment on top, medium heat with tight lid. Excellent!

April snow 3

This is how things looked on the morning of the 5th.

Iraq war protest march

This is how things looked by the afternoon of the 6th. There was an anti-war rally and march that came down our street, apparently organized by SEWI, Students for Ending the War in Iraq. Since SEWI dosen't really spell anything anyway, I would've just gone with SFETWII. Harder to pronounce, more interesting. Had I known of the rally, I might have gone. Takes me back to the ol' Carrboro days.

And, on the PSA tip, here's what not to do for your storage and record keeping. DON'T keep things in cardboard in a leaky basement. Archivists won't like it.


Moldy oldies.

One of the school's properties is going up for sale and a certain lucky someone got to checkout if there was anything worthy of note and salvation in the basement. She called a certain other lucky someone to come document the horrors. Lucky us!


Get thee to the Shack!

OK, just wanted to spread the word on a sweet little deal. I'm not a viral marketer (would I tell you if I was?), just thought some of you might appreciate this. Radio Shack (a trip to which I usually reserve for the purchasing of obsolete batteries for obsolete machines, antennas, or specialty switches and buttons (even better GO HERE)) has a Dremel rotary tool (MultiPro 2851-01) kit (comes with 32 accessories) on sale for $19.97 (normally $39-$59!). It's in-store only, and the Radio Shack web site says it's a discontinued model, but the Dremel web site says it's a new model. But who cares!

There's a case and a bunch of diffrent little sanding, polishing and cutting bits. The tool itself has two speed settings, 15,000 RPM and 35,000 RPM, so it isn't the infinitely variable speed kind, but again, who cares? Here's the product page at Radio Shack.

Song of the day...

...Sometimes It Snows In April, by Prince.


I was rain when I got up, sleet when I made coffee, but now it's snow.


Episode 325, or "Soundtrack to the DMV"

I won't bore you with the details of how awful my 6th visit to the DMV was this morning. Instead, I will bore you with a list of the music I listened to whilst I was there. Title, followed by artist.

I Be Blowin'
De La Soul

Anna (El Negro Zumbon)

Music Plus 1

Get Rhythm
Johnny Cash

Everybody Knows It

The Crystal Method

Wreck of the Old 97
Johnny Cash

Aces Wild
Link Wray

Criss Cross
Thelonius Monk

Miles Davis

Sex Drive

Jesus Gonna Be Here
Tom Waits

All Is Full Of Love
Death Cab For Cutie

Heart Cooks Brain
Modest Mouse

Electric Relaxation
A Tribe Called Quest

Stars All Seem To Weep
Beth Orton

All The Trees Of The Field Will Clap Their Hands
Sufjan Stevens

I Guess I Planted
Billy Bragg & Wilco

Letting Love Go
Everything But The Girl

Elliott Smith


Marginal Man

You Have Loved Enough
Leonard Cohen

Lookin' Out My Back Door
Creedence Clearwater Revival

Born Too Slow
The Crystal Method

Baby Let's Play House (Live)
Elvis Presley


Worm Wood
Caustic Resin

The Chalet Lines
Belle & Sebastian

Anytime, Anytime
Ken Nordine

Naima (Alternate Take)
John Coltrane

Tom Traubert's Blues
Tom Waits

Someday Some Morning Sometime
Billy Bragg & Wilco

To Live And Die In LBI
Lifter Puller

13 Steps Lead Down
Elvis Costello

Track 08

Down The Old Plank Road
The Chieftains

Baby's Got A Brand New Hairdo
Elvis Costello & The Attractions

Keep On Runnin'
Cat Power

How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore

Trouble In Mind
Mose Allison

Grapefruit Moon
Tom Waits

Would You Lay With Me (In A Field Of Stone)
Johnny Cash

My Sweet Blue Eyed Darlin'
Bill Monroe w/Ricky Skaggs

De La Soul

Shiver Me Timbers
Tom Waits

Spinal Tap Jokes
Dillinger Four

What Would I Do Without You
Ray Charles

Old Black Dawning
Frank Black

The Lee Weddin' Tune
Bill Monroe

Run Boy Run
Link Wray

"Now wait just a minute here," you say, "that would take HOURS!". Yes, yes it would.


April in Boston

Happy April, or "Hapril!" for short. We Cupcakes met up with the Botaknist for a Saturday in Boston yesterday. Shenanigans here on flickr.