Where has the tax time gone?

So, in order to avoid doing my taxes, I've been avoiding the computer, which allows me to avoid printing out the various forms. Sketchy logic at best, but last night I did my taxes, so now I'm back to the warm glowing warming glow of the iMac. Let's catch up...

Street typewriters 2

Last weekend we ventured north to Amherst. It was as per usual, food, yarn, beverages, with the added bonus of this sure sign of spring, TYPEWRITERS ON THE SIDEWALK! I didn't dare set foot in this emporium, but one day in the not too distant future, I'm sure I will have no choice.

We also traveled to the nearby Holyoke Mall, as there were rapidly expiring gift certificates that needed redemption, but Rebecca made sure to take us to the creepiest entrance to the place.

Holycrap! Mall Entrance
Fine on the outside...

Where are we going?
...DUNGEON on the inside!

I'm pretty sure this is the leftovers from some lame, themed restaurant (Coal Mine Cafe? Dungeon Diner? Batcave Buffet?), but it is a cool creepy way into the mall. I was told by security not to take pictures in the mall, "especially not OF the mall" (?), otherwise I would also have shown you the stores "Vivid Navel", "Unisex Hair Palace", and "90's Nails". No, really.

Dinner is served.

What looks like Extra-Chunky Grit sandpaper is actually last night's dinner, and it was delicious to boot! I based it on a Catfish with Green Olives recipe from epicurious.com, the topping is garlic stuffed martini olives, basil, lemon juice and zest, and olive oil. Oil in pan, fish on oil, topping mix on fish, parchment on top, medium heat with tight lid. Excellent!

April snow 3

This is how things looked on the morning of the 5th.

Iraq war protest march

This is how things looked by the afternoon of the 6th. There was an anti-war rally and march that came down our street, apparently organized by SEWI, Students for Ending the War in Iraq. Since SEWI dosen't really spell anything anyway, I would've just gone with SFETWII. Harder to pronounce, more interesting. Had I known of the rally, I might have gone. Takes me back to the ol' Carrboro days.

And, on the PSA tip, here's what not to do for your storage and record keeping. DON'T keep things in cardboard in a leaky basement. Archivists won't like it.


Moldy oldies.

One of the school's properties is going up for sale and a certain lucky someone got to checkout if there was anything worthy of note and salvation in the basement. She called a certain other lucky someone to come document the horrors. Lucky us!


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