Get thee to the Shack!

OK, just wanted to spread the word on a sweet little deal. I'm not a viral marketer (would I tell you if I was?), just thought some of you might appreciate this. Radio Shack (a trip to which I usually reserve for the purchasing of obsolete batteries for obsolete machines, antennas, or specialty switches and buttons (even better GO HERE)) has a Dremel rotary tool (MultiPro 2851-01) kit (comes with 32 accessories) on sale for $19.97 (normally $39-$59!). It's in-store only, and the Radio Shack web site says it's a discontinued model, but the Dremel web site says it's a new model. But who cares!

There's a case and a bunch of diffrent little sanding, polishing and cutting bits. The tool itself has two speed settings, 15,000 RPM and 35,000 RPM, so it isn't the infinitely variable speed kind, but again, who cares? Here's the product page at Radio Shack.


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