Paging Dr. Hibbert

Paging Dr. Hibbert, originally uploaded by doctorhectic.

I forgot the fantastic piece of garbage that Ms. Cupcakes found for me. We were just leaving Sit 'n' Knit 2, and she picked up a small plastic bag from the curb before we go in the car last weekend.

I: Is that some garbage for me?
Cupcake: Yes, yes it is. More than you know.
I: [speechless]

...for in that garbage of little plastic bag was a small plastic Dr. Hibbert that laughs when you press a button on his back.


Open Air/Return of the Mantis

Sunday, SUNDAY, Sunday! we went to the 5th annual Wadsworth Mansion Open Air Market & Festival with Bethany and Rebecca. There were some goats...


...some banjo...

Banjo player (East Coast Ramblers)

...and sweet mercy, Cato Corner cheese...

Cato Corner Cheese

We bought some cheese, and some other great things, and then headed off to lunch at ION downtown, where I tried a sorghum beer, which is brought to you by Anheuser-Busch. Better than a Bud, I gotta say.


After lunch we walked over to Vecchitto's Lemon Ice for dessert. I had a root beer ice, and it tasted just like a float.



When we got home...RETURN OF THE MANTIS!




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Muggy Buggy

This weekend we're seeing a last gasp of summer, with humidity and temperatures in the upper 80's. Also, bugs. For example, this praying mantis.

Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis

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The fallen

I'm off the wagon. Due to the overwhelming appeal of a Saturday afternoon at Eli's with some Avery's White Rascal,

and lady friends Heather,

Heather @ Eli's


Bethany @ Eli's

and fiancée!

Val @ Eli's

We ended up watching Snakes on a Plane...

Heather and Bethany and Sankes on a Plane on an Elevator

...and calling it a night so we could go to Rose's for breakfast the next morning.

On the way home from Rose's we stopped at Old Maid's Farm to pick up a case of their salsa, among other things.

Old Maids Farm

lotsa 'maters



That was all a week and a half ago when Heather was visiting. This past weekend the Cupcakes went shopping with Beckers. We all bought back-to-school clothes and took in some MA scenery. Featuring...

Yellow Power Wagon
Powerwagons in Lenox, MA!

Awaiting lunch in Lenox, MA!

This is a magic donut machine
Magic donut machine in Lenox, MA!

Opa-Opa Steakhouse & Brewery
"Marshall Brown" Ale at the Opa-Opa Steakhouse and Brewery!

Molasses bread @ Opa-Opa
Molasses bread at Opa-Opa!

Beer cheese soup @ Opa-Opa
Beer cheese soup at Opa-Opa!

Dragonfly at Becker's house in Easthampton, MA!


As promised...

...vacation highlights.

On the road
The drive from CT to Baltimore.

A thing on a truck.

Driving through Mos Eisley.

Fat Man's BBQ
Back in NC.

Ferry Sunset
Waiting for the ferry to Ocracoke.

Tire Shark
Tire shark at the bookstore.

"Henry" @ Crew's Inn
"Henry" (Henrietta), our temporary cat for the week at the Crew's Inn.

Tomatillo Shrimp
Tomatillo Shrimp w/avocado.

Thousands of tiny clams, coming in with the tide.

Baja Bug
An east coast baja bug.

Val w/shells
Val with a shell collection. (Moments before the question was popped...)

Val and the ring wait for dinner.

Engagement Dinner
Celebration dinner.

Fishermen (and fisherboy!)
A talk at the Preservation Society by local fishermen, including Morty, who at 13 is the youngest commercial fisherman (ever?maybe?) in the area.

Ocracoke figs.

Some of my table art, and the pearl I found in my fried oysters. The street value wouldn't have covered the dentist bill, but luckily I found it without chomping it.

Ocracoke Lighthouse
Ocracoke lighthouse.

Val got a pony
Val and her adopted Ocracoke pony, Oops.

Val on the Ferry
Goodbye to the island.

glass half full
Hello to Chapel Thrill!