Open Air/Return of the Mantis

Sunday, SUNDAY, Sunday! we went to the 5th annual Wadsworth Mansion Open Air Market & Festival with Bethany and Rebecca. There were some goats...


...some banjo...

Banjo player (East Coast Ramblers)

...and sweet mercy, Cato Corner cheese...

Cato Corner Cheese

We bought some cheese, and some other great things, and then headed off to lunch at ION downtown, where I tried a sorghum beer, which is brought to you by Anheuser-Busch. Better than a Bud, I gotta say.


After lunch we walked over to Vecchitto's Lemon Ice for dessert. I had a root beer ice, and it tasted just like a float.



When we got home...RETURN OF THE MANTIS!




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Blogger stuntfrau said...

we saw a praying mantis last night! we were coming home from a delicious dinner and gricklepants gave a quick yelp as something big landed on his shoulder while trying to unlock the front door. then it leaped off of him. we thought it went away, but noooooo, it sneakily followed us into the house! we didn't see it until pancake went nutshit in the front hallway. i thought she had killed it, but it was scrappy and seemed to want to fight her. (and after seeing a mantis kill & eat a hummingbird courtesy of youtube, i opted to keep her away from it.) we got it out of the house and it jumped away very, very quickly. the end.

3:12 PM  

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