The fallen

I'm off the wagon. Due to the overwhelming appeal of a Saturday afternoon at Eli's with some Avery's White Rascal,

and lady friends Heather,

Heather @ Eli's


Bethany @ Eli's

and fiancée!

Val @ Eli's

We ended up watching Snakes on a Plane...

Heather and Bethany and Sankes on a Plane on an Elevator

...and calling it a night so we could go to Rose's for breakfast the next morning.

On the way home from Rose's we stopped at Old Maid's Farm to pick up a case of their salsa, among other things.

Old Maids Farm

lotsa 'maters



That was all a week and a half ago when Heather was visiting. This past weekend the Cupcakes went shopping with Beckers. We all bought back-to-school clothes and took in some MA scenery. Featuring...

Yellow Power Wagon
Powerwagons in Lenox, MA!

Awaiting lunch in Lenox, MA!

This is a magic donut machine
Magic donut machine in Lenox, MA!

Opa-Opa Steakhouse & Brewery
"Marshall Brown" Ale at the Opa-Opa Steakhouse and Brewery!

Molasses bread @ Opa-Opa
Molasses bread at Opa-Opa!

Beer cheese soup @ Opa-Opa
Beer cheese soup at Opa-Opa!

Dragonfly at Becker's house in Easthampton, MA!


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