I've been sluggish the last week or two, and I think it's weather related. We should be springing around around here, and it's still kind of blustery brisk. I also can't seem to get enough sleep, but that might be stress-related. Or a sign to hibernate because spring ain't comin'.

To help myself out, I decided to make something comforting for dinner last night. I used epicurious.com and came up with Artichoke and Mushroom Lasagna. You can check out the specifics of the recipe yourself, but the basics were no-boil noodles and a white bechamel sauce, alternating with layers of cheese and vermouth-cooked artichokes and mushrooms. I lightened it up a bit due to availability and cost of ingredients, so I used part-skim mozzarella, and soy milk instead of whole, with a splash of half and half to richen things up.


Some Brussels sprouts, olive oil ciabatta, a bottle of wine, and we were good to go. Very comforting, and very different than any lasagna I've ever had.

Part of my exhaustion may be due to the DMV and my own stupidity. I went yesterday morning to finally transfer my title and registration and get my CT plates. I got a number and waited for my turn at the counter. When I got up there 30 minutes later (not bad actually) the guy asked for my paperwork, including the form that nobody told me to fill out. I was given the form and told to come back up when it was completed. I needed a ballpoint pen to fill out the triplicate, white-pink-yellow form, and of course, the ball-point pen machine on that floor wasn't working. I went downstairs and paid 25¢ for my pen, got back upstairs and filled out my form, went back to the counter only to find that my temporary insurance card expired on March 13th (Happy Birthday Dad!). Needless to say, the current card was not in the glove compartment, so I drove the 20 minutes back home to find it, returned to the DMV with everything in order, and promptly parted with $125 (the reason I had put off doing this) in exchange for some plates and some papers. I even got suckered into buying new license plate bolts at the DMV store that DIDN'T FIT MY CAR! All is fine now, and I feel a little bit more like a real resident of the Nutmeg State.

Tomorrow the Botaknist is coming to town for a visit, in her NEW CAR! She has been making use of the much-loved-but-hardly-ever-driven Cupcakemobile since her much-loved-and-much-driven Honda Shuttlepod finally crapped out on her. We'll probably get some breakfast and then collectively explore the area. I believe SOMEONE has compiled a list of yarn stores in the area and is eager to drive to some or all of them in her NEW CAR. I'm excited to hear what kind of DMV gouging she has in her state!


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