city streets, good eats, & accumulation of 8 to 12 inches...

Pictures from Middletown wandering...

Last night Mrs. Cupcakes made a veggie shepherd's pie for dinner, and for dessert we had dark chocolate brownies (in-the-round!), along with special accompaniment.

B-rad's Mochachocolatatata Stout...

...and Glenkinchie scotch.

We were all settled in at home, waiting for the Nor'Easter to hit, but it got started pretty late. This is what I woke up to this morning, and it's definitely still coming down.

Those two lumps are Corollas. Not that we have anywhere to go today.


Blogger b-rad said...

One of these photos reminded me of the always entertaining game of Create a Band Name.
This week we will be featuring a song by the fresh new band, Go Slow Sound Signal, off of their new hit release Danger.
Can we get an updated photo of some custom-made snow angels next to those Corollas?

10:56 AM  

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