Let's catch up...

I'm still uploading photos to flickr, but this weekend was adventure filled, thanks to my cousin Anne. Our original plan was to have her come to Middletown, on her way from NYC to Providence, RI and have a little visit, see our place and that would be that. On friday, however, she got the bright idea that maybe I should come to NYC, we could hang out Saturday while Val was conferencing in Boston, and then return to Middletown for Saturday evening. I further adventurized things by suggesting that we ALL go to Providence on sunday.

Friday afternoon I drove to New Haven and parked at the train station. I caught the 4:24pm train to Grand Central Terminal and was there by 6:20pm. I found Anne and we met up with her friend for dinner. We wandered around Manhattan a bit, and headed for the Holiday Inn.

Saturday we brunched with one of Anne's childhood friends, and then proceeded to seek out the studios for the Daily Show. After that we strolled around, passed on the 60-90 minute wait to observe from the Empire State Building, and headed back on the train to New Haven. We came home, found Val and had dinner at Little Tibet.

On Sunday we had breakfast at O'Rourke's, did laundry, and then headed over to Providence. We wandered the streets of Providence, loitered around near Brown, and then had dinner before taking Anne to pick up her rental car at the airport.

Lots of miles covered, and a good experience on how to take the train to NYC. SUCCESS!


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