Friday was, yes, I admit it, my 33rd birthday. I have never before received as many e-cards as I did on Friday. Thank you all. I spent much of the day driving around the middle of Connecticut, playing my iPod through the car stereo, just taking in the sights. Mostly roadside rocks and water, with occasional diners of note that I will have to review another time. That night Mrs. Cupcakes and I went out for traditional sushi birthday dinner.

Saturday, Mrs. Cupcakes had a date with a pair of scissors, so I chauffered her to the spot and wandered around some more. Destination Wethersfield! And Historic Downtown Wethersfield at that! Old homes and businesses lined the streets.

Mustard House

Ketchup House

BooBerry House

Many of the homes had names and dates about when they were originally built.

Wethersfield is also home to the Hart's Seed Company, if you're familiar with them.

We had lunch at an Indian restaurant on the way home, Priya, featuring the always deliciously dangerous lunch buffet.

Sunday was a quest to see a movie that didn't suck. Our local theater was featuring things we had already seen or things we had no interest in seeing, so we headed south, toward New Haven. We saw "Transamerica", which was funnier than I had expected. Dark, touching, and funny I guess.

All in all a highly successful birthday weekend.


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