Weak week...

Another week has passed, of little consequence. The local students are on spring break and very few of them are locally located for it. I have been inexcusably exhausted and feeble all week. Yesterday, however we went to Ikea to get a chair (PöANG!) and hung out in New Haven a little bit. We got lunch near Yale and walked over to the library building.

Mo' card catalogs

Card catalogs at Yale.

The campus is crazy gothic, maybe worse than Duke, but you walk in the library and there in the stony halls are computers and copiers and various modernica. Kinda strange.

We came home and put together our chair and footstool, and then we ventured to Hartford to see the movie Bubble at Trinity College.


Crazy curtain in the theater.

I also should mention some culinary items from the past several weeks, including my birthday cake...


...thanks to Mrs. Cupcakes and the Botaknist! It is the family Finnish Sour Cream Cake recipie, with extra awesome candles from the Stop & Shop.

Also recently, I poached pears in ginger ale!

Poached pears!

...which I pretty much did just to try it once. They were pretty good, especially with a scoop of ricotta cheese.

The most pleasant surprise of my own doing, was a potato and salmon fritatta, using some left over parchment cooked salmon. Excellent!


I've had lots of time in the kitchen (and everywhere else) lately, so I've cracked the spine on more than a few of our cookbooks, and I stole a few copies of Vegetarian Times Magazine from the laundromat. I've also become hooked on Good Eats with Alton Brown on the Food Network, what with his science and history and zany madcap antics. I've attempted pumpkin pudding, chocolate truffles, various fish treatments, cooking with barley, bread and cookie baking, all to some degree of success. I'm not gonna quit my day job, but it is pretty satisfying to succeed in the kitchen.


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