Bicycles, Icicles, and mooncycles

Mrs. Cupcakes and I have been to the Freeman Athletic Center a few times in the last week, putting our slothy holiday bodies on the stationary bikes and attempting to get our heart rates up. The whole center is relatively new, and the facilities are really nice. We got a little workout just walking around the building, seeing where everything was, and it's open late on the weekends, in case we don't feel like drinking.

The snow is rapidly melting, after coating absolutely everything.

That was the "view" from one of our livingroom windows while it was snowing.

We did get some odd icicles as things started to melt. Kind of Dali-esque, me thinks.

And last, but not least, a little photo I like to call, "Moon over College Street".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That last shot is beautiful!

11:45 PM  

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