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"Device tells you if you're boring
MIT Media Lab researchers are building a device to help autistic people determine if they're boring or annoying the person they're talking to."

Why is this for autistic people? I'd buy one, carry it around, and make people wear it before talking to me. Or wait, I could just walk away.

The project sounds interesting, I just don't get why this is needed for the autistic population, especially if they would need to be trained to use it. Train people to ask "Am I boring you?" every so often, and train people to honestly answer the question.


Blogger b-rad said...

Another inappropriate, borderline offensive, device is in the works?

Is it not bad enough that a person will live a life of compulsive side-to-side swaying, or what have you, but they will now be notified that they are being "annoying" or "boring"?

The device could at least make them feel better by labeling them as either "mildly entertaining" or "more tolearble than the b#$%ch
on ANTM".

7:36 PM  
Blogger david said...

I'm sorry, were you saying something, Brad?

10:26 PM  

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