Yesterday at 6:15 am, I read the following sentence:

"Joseph Frank Keaton died in his sleep at 6:15 Tuesday morning, February 1, 1966."

Which means that I finished reading a biography of Buster Keaton forty years to the day after he died. I mean, technically, he was in California when he died, so I should've slept in and finished the book at 9:15 am, but I still thought it was cool and kind of creepy to read that sentence, look up at the clock and realize it happened exactly forty years ago. Give or take a time zone.

With that book out of the way, I've started in on "Drink: A Social History of America", also from our fabulous local library. More on that as I get into it.

I also picked up more CDs:
No Doubt : The Singles Collection 1992 - 2003
Dizzee Rascal : Boy in Da Corner
Crystal Method : Legion of Boom
Ike Reilly : Salesmen and Racists
Ted Hawkins : The Next Hundred Years

AND I visited a local letterpress studio that produces art books, which was crazy cool to see. Made me wanna come home and get my art on. But I didn't.

But I will.


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