I know everyone told me CT was going to be expensive, but we found that getting your license here is around $120. That's coming from out of state and them giving you an eye test and a background check. Oh, $120 and 2 hours of your life, that is.

The past few days have been nice, despite all the time at the DMV, and we've been walking around, looking at the old houses and getting our bearings. We also went back to our incredible library and checked out even more stuff, including a VHS set of Poirot mysteries and the first season of the Office (British) on DVD. We decide we have no need for Netflix, or any video store anytime soon. There's even a 3 tape set of "Lost Buckminster Fuller", containing speeches and presentations of his over the history of his career.

We like the location, we like the weather, and everyone we've encountered so far has been really nice. Today's mission is to find a supplier of cat food, and maybe swing by Trader Joe's for people supplies.


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