Our grill is an awesome grill.

I found the local Goodwill, and it hasn't let me down...

New in box, just had to spend 2 hours assembling it. I realize it isn't prime grilling season, but I couldn't pass up the color, and the fact that it came with a roasting spit and spit-rotating motor(not pictured)! There's a handle on the bottom that raises and lowers the grill grate a few inches so you can "adjust" the heat.

A welcome addition to our recently reclaimed porch, which was so full of flattened cardboard that it was difficult to open the door. You can see our clothesline pulley in the background. Just like real tenement living!

Our Hacienda house.

Our Hacienda.

Downtown Middletown is on the Connecticut river, which is nice, and I guess Wesleyan has some sort of rowing team that practices out there.

Middletown also has the Waterbed/Sapporo store, where we had delicious sushi the other night.

There's also the Middlesex Fruitery, which has been in business forever, and has been run by the same family almost forever. They don't have much floorspace, but what they do have is excellent, and it's not just fruit. The odd thing (to me anyway) is that there is no self service allowed for the produce. You walk in, they ask if you need help, and you say that you need 2 grapefruit, a head of lettuce, and a mango, and they pick the stuff out for you. There are packaged goods that you can select yourself, and a great cheese cooler in the back. If only they could sell beer and wine...


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