Episode 306, The Bad, the Ugly, and the Goodwill

Today I decided to go get my $120 Connecticut driver's license. It took 1.5 hours, not including travel time, and the photo lady didn't tell me when to smile so the picture is not so great. ANYWAY, that brings me to the Goodwill, where I found, among other things, a suit for interviews...

...so if I ever get any interviews, I'll be ready. I also found this interesting "Northwest Indian" beach ball.

The company name for them are "Globals" and they have this one, a Japanese motif, an African cloth pattern, and an Egyptian one. Oh, wait, I just read the box. More specifically,

• Japanese Edo kite patterns with Hashimoto warriors
• African kente cloth patterns of the Akan people of Ghana
• Northwest Indian blanket patterns of the Tlingit tribe
• Egyptian imagery from the tomb of Queen Nefertari

The design is really cool, and it almost looks like a piece of pottery, until you realize it's a beach ball.

I also found a classic all metal, paper-roll cap gun, complete with caps!

And a friend for Bucky, now that Gemini has moved in with Rebecca.

I think I'll keep the cap gun loaded, just in case the new kid gets out of line...

...they have been known to develop the ability to breathe fire.


Blogger david said...

Uh, I am not bailing you out after you rob a bank in that new suit and cap gun. Don't forget to unpack those items before flying too...

12:21 PM  
Anonymous Laura beard said...

On the Wall Productions did the beach balls. Sarah Lindquist did the Northwest and the Kente. I did the Egyptian and Japanese Kite. Just Fyi. Where did you find it?

Laura Beard

4:00 PM  
Blogger Dr. Hectic said...

Hi Laura, I got it at the Goodwill in Middletown, CT. I still have it and my 2 year old daughter enjoys playing with it. Thanks for the info!

2:55 AM  

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