So, another month come and gone. What am I doing with my life? How can it be speeding along so quickly? Or maybe time flying is because I'm having so much fun. Things are good, but I'm not biding my time waiting for anything in particular to happen, which is probably why the time slips by so quickly.

Nothing drags on and on like the anticipation of the end, or a new beginning or the next big thing. I'm not really worried about any of those, so nothing is slowing me down in that way. I have my own things going on, and I didn't come to NC for any other reason than to be with Val, so I haven't got an agenda here. That was driving me a little crazy for a while, but now it's just a phase of life. A time that I'm doing what I'm doing until I start doing something else. I don't know what I'm doing now, I don't know what I'm doing next. And I like it that way.


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