It's not the heat, it's the...no, actually, it is the heat. The humidity here has been high all summer, but that brings the powerful thunderstorms through frequently, destuctive as they may end up being. Lately it has been flooding, not wind or lightning that has been doing the damage. We're kind of on a hill, so, although our basement does get a little wet, the house isn't in any danger of taking on water.

The house has been great this past year, and we're staying put for the next year. Fall of 2004 might find us moving to Chapel Hill/Carrboro, where Val will be attending the second half of her schooling extravaganza. Carrboro is where all the commies and hippies and THOSE kind of people live, so I think that might be where we end up. In the midst of all the anti-french hysteria, Carrboro declared April "French Trade Month" and encouraged citizens to support brie, not bombs.

We have now FIVE cats at our house, 3 perma-cats and 2 tempo-cats. Buddy the foster cat almost had a home, but things didn't work out for him. Our other foster cat Christie had some issues at her previous foster home, so we took her on too. The perma-cats aren't thrilled with this situation, but they're adjusting.

Val's college roommate Emily is coming to visit this weekend with her girlfriend Rachel. They've been camping in the Asheville area and are swinging through the Triangle on their way back up to NYC. We love visitors (hint, hint...). Fall is gorgeous here and about 6 months longer than it is in the midwest (what we call "Fall" in the midwest is what they call "Winter" here, so I'm not even really exaggerating about that 6 month long thing.).

More updates as news warrants.


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