Well, another week has slipped by, and I forgot to mention the highlights of the family weekend. This, for one:

That's Val's Grandma piloting our rented pontoon boat on the St. Croix river. Everyone who wanted had a go at it. I was coerced into piloting us in and out of the dock, as no one else claimed to be quite as seaworthy as I. Arrrrr, arrrrrrrr...

That was Saturday, and Sunday was my mom's 60th birthday. We had a splendid dinner at W.A. Frost's in St. Paul. Gravlax and shrimp appetizers with my gin and tonic. I had the special that was very similar to tuna, but not, and Val had the salmon. Scrumptious. Then back to the folks house for "chocolate wafer and whip cream cake" for dessert. A perfect finish.


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