Happy 25th birthday to Val, and Happy Father's Day to my father and fathers everywhere.

SOGGY! Thunderstorms abound! Last night we saw "Russian Ark", an 88 minute, one-continuous-shot Russian film, about what I'm not sure. I did enjoy it, but I had to remind myself that I was seeing a foreign film, and all conventional American film structure did not apply. If you enjoy any kind of foreign films, you should see it, but just kind of watch it, and don't try too hard to interpret things, just take it all in.

On the other end of the film spectrum, this morning we watched an MST3K selection entitled "The Beginning of the End", starring Peter Graves. For those of you in the know, BE FOREWARNED - the case for this DVD lists Joel Hodgeson, pictures Joel Hodgeson and makes it appear that this episode is hosted by Joel Hodgeson. This is simply not true. I like Mike Nelson just fine, but I was hoping this was a Joel episode, as that is what it appeared to be based on the cover text and art. CAVEAT EMPTOR! I guess that's what this is for:

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