Whoa. Things were un-bloggable for the last few days for me. Not that I've been doing things I wouldn't want to post here, just that I couldn't seem to log on, or get to the area of the site with the troubleshooting info, or the contact info. That's all.

Our friends Ben and Katherine are visiting us this weekend/week. Val and I are playing tag-team host on the weekdays, with her workday from 7:30am-6pm, and my out-of-the-house workday from 3pm-??pm. This gives hosts and guests alone time, together time, and ALL together time.

We've been makin' the rounds, seein' the sights, and eating a lot of food. The midwest socializing is all about food and drink, but things aren't that different here. Especially for four people from MN hanging out here. Oh yeah, that reminds me, the other midwestern thing I have to talk about, the weather. Today looks gorgeous, but all weekend we had on and off monsoon rain as we were trying to see the sights and get from one meal to the next. Lots of rain and flash flooding, but very little thunderstorm action.


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