Gum numbing

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trying tagging again...
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not so del.icio.us

This whole tag thing was working great, and now suddenly something has changed...


These are a few of my favorite things...



In case you didn't see it and click on it in the sidebar, this blog is interesting:

Camera Toss

The blog has comments and highlights from the flickr pool.


Open Eye BMW

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I have only recently become acquainted with the wonders of technorati and del.icio.us, but for a while now I've been trying to categorize my blogs/posts by topics so that it is easier for me and anyone who might be reading this to find any information on my blog related to "knitting", "motorcycles", "Konica", "photography", etc. With a little research help from Mrs. Cupcakes, we found an online tutorial that is pretty much just the thing.

I now have "tags" listed in the sidebar that will transport you to some of my various del.icio.us pages, which let you see posts that I have tagged with those various keywords. If you click on the EVERYTHING tag, you will go to my del.icio.us page with all the posts and tags listed and you can search from there. The sidebar tags may change from time to time, but I'll usually set them to my more common themes.

Test for new blog feature...

This blog will be tagged, posted to del.icio.us, and then we'll see if I can use tags for blogger categories. That way I can post here about whatever I want, but you, dear reader, can pull up posts about gocco, motorcycles, knitting, or what-have-you.


Traffic Jams!

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I left work earlier than usual, guaranteeing that I would get into some traffic on the way home. iPod, sensing that we were moving at or below 30 miles per hour, decided to crank out the jams. Among other things I heard consecutive dance club remixes of Beyonce and Bjork, along with multiple Les Savy Fav, RevHo, and Big Star tracks. All in the space of about 45 minutes. It knew what it was doing, and I had no complaints.


Creepy Brulee

Cool creepy pictures from a bruleeing that happened a few months ago. Taken with the trusty Konica Auto S3.

Out of order.

Out of order., originally uploaded by doctorhectic.



Bradkin, originally uploaded by doctorhectic.

Ween '05

Kind of disappointing, but here are my Halloween pictures.

The Franklin Street festivities were great, but I didn't capture as many costumes as I thought. Tough scene, man. It's more of a "had to be there" kind of thing anyway.


Stef Day 2005!

Saturday was Stef's Birthday Extravaganza.

Pictures are now here.