Ween '05

Kind of disappointing, but here are my Halloween pictures.

The Franklin Street festivities were great, but I didn't capture as many costumes as I thought. Tough scene, man. It's more of a "had to be there" kind of thing anyway.


Blogger david said...

These are great...not disappointing at all!

9:27 AM  
Anonymous THC said...

Was trying to send you a cut and paste about the snowy weather up north since you're headed that way, but then looked at these pictures. The only way I would have seen what happened at this grand party, I'm sure. A few were "scary", to my senses anyway, and I think it was mostly a festival of skin, as well as using up ideas of "hey, wouldn't it be neat to be this for halloween sometime."
Was good to see you the other day at BCE and good luck on your big move....life goes on wherever you are.....thc

10:04 AM  

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