O'ROURKE'S UPDATE: Serious monies have been raised and reconstruction progress is being made. The back of the building has been extended into the lot, which will increase seating as well as kitchen space, and thankfully the exterior retains the fantastic classic shabby diner look, as well as its structural soundness. There are even windows where some of the plywood sheets were.


No re-opening day has been announced as of yet, but it's coming.

Other also awesome things include...

red leaf
This plant next to our house with one red leaf on each stem.

Eli Cannon's
Eli Cannon's Taproom on a Sunday afternoon.

And lastly, some quick links to a potential holiday side project for those with xactos and gluesticks around the house. These are big in Japan, and you'll find plenty of advanced ones should you so choose, but paper models of everything from fictional creatures to real transportation can be found and often downloaded as a PDF for you to print out, cut out, and then put out on display.

I'm particularly keen on these starter ones for their ease of assembly. My favorite is the Dodecaheathen.


This one because it's a functional pinhole camera.


And these ones because they just look really cool.


Happy Holidays! See some soon!


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