Ahhh, stock photography.

I was at work today and looking for some images for a client job. Our vector clip art that we use fairly often also includes some "hi-res photography" and here, for your viewing pleasure, are some of the highlights I ran across today.

Under "Holiday"

Holiday 096.jpg

Holiday 140.jpg

Holiday 051.jpg

Holiday 019.jpg

Holiday 054.jpg

And my Holiday favorite...

Holiday 060.jpg

Under "People-General"...

People - General 123.jpg

People - General 438.jpg

People - General 433.jpg

...those are NOT general people.

Under "People at Work"

People at Work 144.jpg

People at Work 106.jpg

and my personal favorite from this category, PEOPLE AT WORK

People at Work 417.jpg

Under "Household"

Household 106.jpg

Household 082.jpg

and one more, my favorite for this category

Household 031.jpg

Stay tuned, there's plenty more where this came from.


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