Just some camera stuff...


I received my griptastic additions to my G9 last week and adhesed them to the camera.

The grip, for the front.
G9 grip

And the thumb rest, for the back.
G9 thumbrest

I ordered these after seeing them here, www.mycanong7.com/65801/460401.html. 50% for the coolness of the machined aluminum look, and 50% for the improved grip.

I also found a cheap case at Target, which will hold just enough camera + battery for my needs.
G9 case

True testing will commence tomorrow, but I'm really enjoying the zoom with image stabilization. Observe - dimly lit room, full wide.
optical wide @ 500

Dimly lit room, 6x optical zoom.
optical zoom @ 800

Dimly lit room, full on optical/digital combined 24x zoom.
digital zoom @ 800

The quality/lighting aren't great, but you can make out most of the label, and we're definitely close to film grain here, even with a small sensor packed with pixels.

Expect food pictures for the next few days...


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