There's ten-pin (aka BOWLING), candlepin, and...

Johnson's Duckpin Lanes

There are ten duckpin bowling states. Connecticut, Maryland, Indiana, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia and West Virginia. Having lived in two of those states, it was about time I went.

Everything makes you feel slightly gigantic, but you get used to it.

Johnson's Duckpin Lanes

Scoring is by hand, which taxed my mathing skills a little, since you get three rolls a frame, and the whole strike spare thing I'm a little rusty on.

Johnson's Duckpin Lanes

The shoes are familiar.

Johnson's Duckpin Lanes

I guess it's the ball you have to get used to the most.

Johnson's Duckpin Lanes

It's like a heavy bocce ball, and you can really get some spin and pin scatter with a little practice.

Highly recommended.


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