"Long" weekend.

Lemesee...wha' happen? Working backwards...

Yesterday, we spent the better part of a perfect day at the Blue Oar on the Connecticut river. This was our second trip, and it was as great as the first time. We got there by way of Northampton, where I saw this crazy moth at the gas station.


Whilst in Northampton on Sunday (working backwards, stick with me) we visited the Tunnel Bar and had delicious martini-based beverages, such as the

Gin Gimlet (Angela)

Melontini (Val)

Creamsicle (Rebecca)

Vesper (Me)

Here is the pre-white balance Vesper, which is actually more like the lighting in the Tunnel. Highly recommended.


Angela and Val at the Tunnel Bar

About 12 hours previous, we were seated in front of several rounds of crêpes down in Durham, CT at Perk on Main.

Crepes @ Perk

We had sweet, savory, then more sweet, then more savory. We were able to sit out on their back deck and have a very relaxing morning. Which was good, because the night before that there were Wesleyan fireworks, which were pretty much right above our house.

Wesleyan 'works

Wesleyan 'works

Wesleyan 'works

Wesleyan 'works

Wesleyan 'works

And a fine time was had by all.


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