That poor child

After I took this picture I went up to the counter to pay for some bowling and the manager asked me what I was photographing. I told her there was that goofy sign on the ball return, which happens to be the only sign left out of 30 lanes, and I wanted a picture of it. She then told me that it was against AMF lanes policy to photograph equipment. I asked about photographing people bowling with AMF equipment, and she said that was ok (?), but I could be a lawyer or an investigator, or looking to infringe copyright or some such and that was what worried her. I said I wasn't any of those things, and that I wouldn't photograph the equipment again, having been informed of the policy.

I know my photographer's rights.

You should too.


Blogger b-rad said...

Thanks! I just sold that picture to some lawyer freak on E-bay for

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