Son of the Moon, Middletown, CT

There is another source for delicious foodstuffs here in Middletown, with the grand opening of this little gourmet market, Son of the Moon.

Son of the Moon

Last Saturday they had an open house with lots of good samples and special deals. It's no Southern Season, but it helps.

This week is, among other things, Heather's Last Hurrah™ here in Middletown, before she moves to Boston. We went out for margaritas last night, and her official party is Friday. There was tequilla-infused pineapple at the bar (a by-product of pineapple-infused tequilla) for 50¢, so some of us had that for dessert.

Tequilla Pineapple

Heather + Tequilla Pineapple

Heather + Tequilla Pineapple


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