Last weekend we went to Old Saybrook


and then got my car washed at the Magic Spray

Magic Spray

But this weekend was different. I took Mrs. Cupcakes to the airport at 5:30 am on Saturday so she could fly to LA to get on a big ol' boat. She's on a sock knitting cruise this week. Wait for the pictures, I'm sure that's the only thing that will do the experience justice.

Anyway, my Saturday was spent napping and attending a fine little potluck dinner. Sunday consisted of hanging out with the lonely cats, and attending, for the first time ever, the Middletown Flea Market. Speaking of pictures doing justice, I don't know where to begin. They hold it inside an old supermarket, but none of the interior has been redone, they just have people set up their "booths" and wares in a space and away you go. Really, just check out the link above for the photos.

And Sunday evening I went to BAR in New Haven with Ethan to see a free show starring Acid Mother Temple, all the way from Japan. Pictures. Good pizza and good music that New Haven has.


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