choc-o-tastic easter


For Elvis' Birthday we received a chocolate fountain from this man, Mr. Funorama himself:

Ethan has funorama

We hadn't taken the time to set it up and use it, but we kept threatening to, so Easter Sunday seemed like a perfect opportunity to get some Peeps and try it out.

Ready? Set...

Setup is relatively easy, involving several plastic parts that form the tower, and then you need to preheat the machine for 5 minutes. We microwaved 3 bags of chocolate chips, half a chocolate bunny, and 10 oz. of canola oil (manditory to keep things flowing) to add to the bowl, and then you switch on the motor.

The chocolate is then carried up the center of the tower with an Archimedes' Screw, and cascades back down to the heated bowl.


Then you skewer some Peeps and off you go.




Chocolate Covered Peep

Fountain, Peep, Ethan
(^^^^^^^^^^ this is all his fault ^^^^^^^^^^)

Other things were fountained as well, including fruit (good) & bread (also good). The plain marshmallows were not needed as it turns out. Everyone was either all in or all out on the Peeps, no compromise.


After all the brunching and fountaining we were wrapping things up and someone noticed there was someone else outside in the driveway taking pictures. So I took her picture. So there.


"May your Peeps be fresh (or stale if you prefer), and all your chocolate bunnies be solid." - Trad. Easter Blessing


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