Snow Day!

Snow Day!, originally uploaded by doctorhectic.

Our first snow as residents! Yesterday was 50° and rain and wind, which turned overnight into 25° and snow and wind. Blustery, and not the fun snow for sledding, but the sun will return later this week and probably melt away most of what happens today.

After a crazy good breakfast at O'Rourke's Diner, we went to our local Ikea yesterday with Rebecca. It was a bit of a zoo there being the last weekend of their 50% off sale, but we managed to tough it out and everyone found some "useful" items for around the house.

Our adventure the day before was finding the new Trader Joe's in West Hartford. All my basic needs are available within about 1 square mile of our apartment, but if we do get in the car, just about everything you could think of is within a half hour drive. Everything is so close and compact here, and I love the small town living with a dash of big city grit and culture.

Today, I begrudgingly admit, I must begin my search for a new job. I am able to take my time and look, thankfully. There are literally hundreds of possibilities, and I hope to get involved with something good, something creative, and something that I can build off of to help my portfolio more than my resume. Although I have been considering the position with Auto Trader, driving around CT, taking pictures of used cars for sale, but I'd probably end up with as many cars as I have cameras, and we can't have that.

The fridge is stocked, the cable (and cable modem!) are hooked up, and the boxes are quickly being flattened and piling up on the porch. Our kitchen looks like a kitchen, and has even been used as such. The place is quirky, but we like it, and I think we'll be happy here as long as we decide to be here.

Make your reservations now!


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