Undoubtably the finest birthday gift I received was sushi. I have had a sushi dinner for my birthday every year since I was in high school, and this year was an exception, in multiple ways. I didn't go out for sushi this year, I went Mexican, but the sushi came to me. As I sat drinking my margarita at the bar, guests arriving, Hanka approached me with her gift, HANDMADE HANKA™ SUSHI! Val and I went to Hanka's for a party and brought sushi making basics and made some rolls so people could see how it was done by the self-taught, untrained hand. We also gave Hanka a starter kit with a mat and a bamboo spatula, and a recipe for sushi rice preparation. She did a very good and delicious job, with a California/cream cheese combo roll. Sushi making is a great excuse for a party, but I've never received such a fine example of my student's work. "and proud we are of all of them..."

WEST COAST ALERT! Those of you in the East Bay region, this is your final warning. The schedule is on the message bored?, and the rental car is confirmed. I'm going mostly to take pictures, but if you'll be around, we'd love to see you. E-mail me if you fit the profile.

Our foster cat Rocky was adopted this week, so we're in line for another. I think we're getting a little tabby guy, so hopefully that'll work out ok with the other cats.


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