No, not another ice storm like we had in Raleigh, just a coating that melted off the same day. That was January 30. Since then we've had snow, rain, and 70° days. Today is in the 50s, but a little blustery wind-wise. Just another typical winter in NC.

I'm giving up my job search, as there is a full-time opening at BCE and I can at least get off the second shift. There will be more, steady, hours, a perfect 10am to 6pm shift, and eventually benefits. Self-unemployment had to end sometime.

I am definitely going to keep working at Southeastern Camera for as long as they will have me. It's great access to information and equipment, and it's so easy to get to work, even on a Saturday morning. I'm getting intersted again in medium format film and cameras, so we'll see how much trouble that gets me into.


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