Well, not just yet, but the plans are in motion for a trip to the East Bay (and SF) for mid-March. One of the best deals I've ever seen in airfare. 2 adult round-trip flights for $330.60. Not each, TOTAL. And we're not flying red-eyes or anything like that. We have one connection going and just a layover coming back. I can't get over it.

I'll probably get over it as soon as we return, as I will be working at SEC that Saturday, and starting my full-time hours at BCE on Monday. This will be good, since I could use benefits, regular hours, and my evenings freed up. I'll work from home in the evenings and on weekends, but my schedule will be a little more dictated and, strange as it sounds, that sounds good to me.

I have accumulated 3 rolls of medium format (120, 6cm x 6cm) film ready to be processed. I'll let you know if anything there is worth letting you know about.


Anonymous lee said...

congratulations on the job shift shift to 10-6, and on good fortune with travel plans. as you know, we will be in AZ the 14-20 of march, so we needn't be too jealous of your california time. tell all hello.keep in touch...love,dad

11:27 PM  

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