My my my, where DOES the time go? A week into February already?

I've been Working at Southeastern Camera the last 3 Saturdays in a row. It's fun to be around all those cameras, and to talk with everyone who comes in. There was a guy last week who brought in a Russian 16mm movie camera. He bought his used off of eBay, but we found a US dealer online for the exact same model, still being produced today, and still with the same industrial design.

All the new digital and high-end film stuff is cool, but I still have a special interest in the older, clunkier optics, and there are still plenty of them around. The shop isn't very big, but it is well established in the area. They get a fair amount of medium format equipment from time ot time as well, so I might be able to get more involved with that.

In other news, I might go full-time at BCE. One of the regular typesetters is leaving in March, and I may be able to shift my shift to an earlier time, as well as picking up hours. The talk is about a 10am-6pm shift, which has been my dream shift for a long time. It would change the job enough to keep things interesting, give me a more stable and predictable work schedule, and I would end up having benefits again. We're also in the process of getting an HP Indigo digital press for the shop, which could be very interesting. Something beyond thermographed business cards, that's for sure.


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