The other day Val and I went to the local vegetarian Indian restaurant for an early-ish dinner, and I ordered the M.L.A. Pesarat, which aparently means giant triangle. The restaurant is the Udupi Café, which actually happens to have locations here in North Carolina AND in Minnesota. To those of you in the Twin Cities, I recommend the Udupi as delicious and cheap Indian food. Let me know if you check it out.

In other news, my ultra cheap glasses arrived in the mail yesterday. I got a lightweight wireframe pair, and a semi-translucent plastic frame pair. The plastic ones have a clear plastic frame with a black coating on the front and sides. From the front, they look like cool black hipster frames that all the kids are wearing, but fromm where I'm sittin' there's clear plastic around each eye, which reduces the heavy frame look for me, the wearer. I like them, but I'm getting a little queasy getting used to wearing them all the time. No headaches, just a little light headed. Should be an exciting drive to work...


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