Five Months

Yesterday brought us to five months of life with Viv. The amount of things she has had to learn and figure out in that time is truly inspiring. It makes you wonder what you've done (other than try to figure out how to raise a child) with the last X months or weeks or days of your life.

The other thing she's got me wondering is what she sees when she looks at things, and how can that little brain be working that hard all the time, figuring things out, and still function? Overload would cause me to meltdown many more times a day than she ever does. I do realize that I went through a similar experience my self lo these many years ago, but I still don't get it. And to watch it happening right in front of me every day is incredible.

It's not always incredibly hard work, but it's the toughest job I've ever loved. To be this involved in the formation of not just a person in body, but a personality as well is a staggering responsibility, and I gladly play my part. I had no idea how gladly I would.