3.5 months

What Viv sees.

It would seem that Viv honors a long tradition among our friends and family of favoring the kitchen as a room to hang out in. She enjoys the bouncy seat in almost any room, but she really watches and interacts with us when placed in the kitchen. I'm not sure at what age she will notice that 90% of our destinations are food related, but that will probably be ok with her as soon as she starts solid foods.

In other Viv news, she is smiling at almost everyone she meets (I won't name names), and her verbal squeals have gotten more intense. She really enjoys when we sing almost any song to her, and while she's not quite singing along just yet, she likes certain songs and will squeal, gurgle and coo.

Adventure baby has had a busy social schedule the last month or two, and has been accompanying me to work as well. As far as out of town guests, Auntie Laura and Grandma Mary Alice were here, then Kelly from NC, and then last weekend many ladies came to visit from down south, Angela, Jodi, Rebecca, and Stef. This morning we will see some local friends and this afternoon Viv will meet her as yet furthest flung relatives, my second cousin Tim and his wife Peggy from California will be stopping by. Viv has been great in the car, and has travelled quite a few miles already without leaving Connecticut.

Becoming a stay at home dad is tricky, as I am phasing myself out at work, but always on baby duty no matter where I am. So, work at home/baby at home, baby always wins, obviously, and the same when I take her into work with me. She does really well at work, and there are more people to interact with her there than just me at home, but I don't want to be at work any more than necessary, so it's not you, Viv, it's me.

Bottle feeding has gone smoothly as well, if a bit slow. I thought she wasn't interested in more than 2.5-3 oz. per feeding, but that might've been due to slow flow bottles or me giving up too soon. I've been giving her 4 oz. bottles pretty consistently the last few days, which will hopefully help her growth and sleep patterns.

Do I need to talk about her sleeping? It's hard, but then she wakes up in the morning with big smiles, and you forget how tired you are for a few minutes. Then that wears off and you consider investing in coffee beans.

More posts more often, I swear, as I dial down the worktime.