Odd, they don't seem to have a wedding registry...




rollin', rollin', bowlin'...

I don't collect toys like I used to, but I still seem to accumulate them from time to time. When I saw these I had to have them.

The DudeThe Dude



"Series One" of the Big Lebowski action figures. I'd be happy with these two alone, but we'll see if they make more. I'm actually much more pleased with the sculpt on Walter than the Dude, but the detailing is still pretty good.

The Dude


I also got a "mini" human body, in the science display style of yesteryear.

Human Body

It's not that small, but I used to have one of the old ones that was at least a foot tall, so this one seems mini in comparison.


These will be removed from their packaging eventually, and placed on a display shelf somewhere where I can appreciate them.

Someday, I may even attend Lebowski Fest.




Friday night we drove down to New Haven to pick up not one, but TWO of Mrs. Cupcake's former roommates from the STP. Emily and Noah both reside in the NYC now, and they were kind enough to come visit us for 24 hours or so. We just kicked it real casual, and on Saturday morning we all headed over to th Olympia Diner for breakfast.


The jukebox was contemplated, and then the menu. I believe everyone was happy with their choices. I myself opted for the hash omelete, with swiss, and a short stack of chocolate chip pancakes for the table to share.

Olympia Diner breakfast

Excellent, as usual. We had a great low-key time, enjoying each other's company, and just wandering around Connecticut.

Olympia entryway

ALSO, Here's an unrelated tip: use leftover coffee to make coffee ice cubes, stored in plastic bins or bags in the freezer. Great for iced coffee, of course, but also nice for chilling a shot of Bailey's or Kahlua or what-have-you...

coffee cubes



It was no North Carolina ice storm, but this cluster of trees just outside my workplace had quite a sheen on them the other morning.


the Goodwill® of small things

Creative Zen Nano Plus

A tiny MP3 player, found at the Goodwill, for 99¢. Somebody didn't know what they were looking at.

in case, with quarter

It is tiny, and it came with a little rubber case, headphones, the instructions, and the cd with the software.

case with clip, also, a quarter

The case has a little clip on the back, and the case itself is soft rubber, so the player just slips right in.

blue display

The display has a blue backlight.

volume & interface controls

The power/play/pause button is on the front, and on the side are volume and interface controls.

USB and line in, also, a quarter

There is a record feature, which can record from the tiny built-in mic on the front, the tiny built-in FM radio inside, OR one of the coolest features in my opinion, is the line-in that will let you rip source input directly to MP3, without a computer.

In case, with quarter

I certainly wasn't looking for a tiny MP3 player, but this one is pretty cool, especially for 99¢ from the Goodwill. Plus it is like many tiny devices rolled into one. Digital recorder, FM radio, MP3 player, USB key. It's even easier to carry around than an iPod, though I carry one of those with me most everywhere too. I recommend it, even at full price, if you're looking for an MP3 player, or any of the above mentioned tiny tools.


More holidays

Added the last of my holiday photos to flickr, including...

Eric and his new Jeep
Eric and his new Jeep (alarm clock)



penguin army
olives as penguins


more coffee


all together now
still more coffee

Swedish panconglomerate
the super Swedecake

more olives..

Buck takes down the decorations
Bucky de-decorates

And finally,
New Year's martini
New Year's Eve olives

There's plenty more, but it's pretty much all on those same themes.



Here's the holiday photos so far, from the cookie party to the Svénskåkörvfëstên.