On a sadder note than my last post, and maybe even sadder than the post before that, last week found Terry the proofreader:

1) able to be visited at the hospital

2) able to be released from the hospital

3) released and then charged with killing her husband

4, etc....) AND accused self-inflicting the 18 or so stab wounds that she was found with. I haven't heard any more details, but I guess she started the altercation, may have "escalated" the altercation, and then tried to cover up what happened by self-inflicting. Sheesh. It just gets more and more unbelieveable, AND I have to go to work everyday and hear/think/talk about it all, with out getting any additional information about anything.

Once again, back to the sunnier side of the street, I knit this thing:

with hopes of being able to do patterns and "pictures" on hats and scarves and sweaters and such. Or maybe just skulls.


On a happier note than my last post, things are going well at Southeastern Camera. I've worked there the last several Saturdays, and I've been helping out with the web site (http://www.secamera.com), which just kind of got up and running since I started there earlier this year. You can now order all kinds of "funcams" on the site as well as my personal favorite item, the Clampette. There is also online upload and print ordering, tied into our Fuji Frontier setup. It is a great little shop, and a really fun job. Despite the limited hours and pay, the fringe benefits are superb.

Speaking of which, as of May 1, I return to the land of Health and Dental benefits. It'll be good to be back. Other than emergency visits, I have never really taken advantage of benefits, and it's high time I did so. Not getting any younger. Just older, and frighteningly more rapidly every year. "Just try and remember that it's all in your head."


Published: Apr 11, 2005

Man stabbed to death in Wake
Husband, wife found injured; wife in critical condition

By DAVID BRACKEN, Staff Writer, News & Observer, Raleigh

RALEIGH -- A man died and his wife remains in critical condition after a Wake County Sheriff's deputy found the couple early Sunday morning in their home with multiple stab wounds.

Wake County Sheriff's spokeswoman Phyllis Stephens said a deputy responded to a 911 hang- up at 1010 Rock Drive about 3 a.m. Sunday. The deputy entered the house after seeing a woman wandering inside and noticed blood, Stephens said.

Once inside, Stephens said the deputy found Bruce Clawson, 51, lying on a couch with stab wounds. He found Teresa Clawson, 52, in the bedroom, also bleeding from stab wounds, she said.

Both were taken to WakeMed, where Bruce Clawson later died. Teresa Clawson remained in critical condition Sunday evening.

Stephens said there were no signs of forced entry, and no one has been charged in the incident.

Sunday afternoon, crime scene investigators were at the Clawson home, in a quiet, leafy neighborhood just off Poole Road.

Neighbor David Like described Teresa Clawson as a kind person who frequently dropped books off for his wife and left Hershey kisses in his mailbox for his two young children. Like said Teresa Clawson was one of the first people to welcome his family into the neighborhood.

Like had a different opinion of Bruce Clawson.

"He was the kind of guy you didn't want to tangle with," he said. Like said Teresa Clawson visited his home several weeks ago and had a black eye, but he didn't ask her how she had been injured. "You don't want to overstep your boundaries as a neighbor," he said.

According to court records, Bruce Clawson had two prior convictions for misdemeanor assault and battery.

Another neighbor, Stan Bailey, 22, said Bruce Clawson would frequently wave and say hello as he drove past on his motorcycle. Bailey said his sister was friends with the Clawsons' daughter, Jennifer.

"He seemed really nice to me," Bailey said of Bruce Clawson.

Teresa Clawson is a part-time proofreader at my job in Morrisville. She was in stable condition last I heard, but in need of further surgery today. It's scary and confusing and I don't know if we'll ever hear the whole story about what went down. Sad.


Curses! Even the simple, small town ways of Carrboro cannot keep me safe from the dangers of a RECORD SHOW. I actually did very well, limited myself, and only spent $14.50 for:

2 7"s
3 LPs
4 CDs

I found the first two Lifter Puller 7"s ($3 ea.), a Mose Allison LP (I Love the Life I Live, $2), a Mighty Lemon Drops LP (World Without End, 50¢), and an Echo and the Bunnymen LP (Songs to Learn & Sing, $1). The CDs were from a variety of discount categories, so I got some things I've never heard of:

Better than it sounds by Roustabout - "Rural Southern songs and tunes mostly from the '20s and before on fiddle, banjos, guitar and bass." ($2)

Woodeye by the Joel Rafael Band - "Songs of Woody Guthrie" ($1)

Band Jug and Ragtime Music by The Kitchen Syncopators - "to the spirit's of all the resting bones who's voices, and songs of love, sorrow, oppression, fear, desire, and salvation live on wax, or haunt the wind cross the buckled stoops of some lost southern road this volume of songs is dedicated." ($1)

Here Comes the Sun, a compilation by Q Magazine - including, Texas, Stereophonics, Underworld, The Beautiful South, Mercury Rev, Happy Mondays, Ash, Supergrass, The Cranberries, Jurassic 5, Reef, Garbage, Blondie, and Basement Jaxx. ($1)

That's a LOT of music for $14.50! I just put the Roustabout CD in the iMac and iTunes found it in the Gracenote Database. I guess that's why it was $2. The record show had a good range of dealers, and all the stuff I looked at was in great condition.

Ahhh, Carrboro, is there nothing you cannot do?


The other day I got to work and there were these HUGE flatbed trailers with these HUGE treads on them. Here are tiny pictures:

Turns out they were for a HUGE crane that proceeded to assemble, over the course of the last two days, 3-story tall concrete pre-fab slabs into some sort of warehouse. The leveling and site prep took over four months, but the building is going to be standing in less than a week.

I've started my full-time hours, and with that comes a better computer and a window seat. Eventually my window view will be the side of a warehouse, but for the time being it's like one of those "BIG CONSTRUCTION VEHICLES" videos that you can get for kids to watch. Kids or typesetters.

The previous two posts were courtesy of my new Motorola V505 cameraphone, and www.flickr.com, which was recently acquired by Yahoo!, so hopefully it will continue to be the cool service that it is/was and not be transformed into something horrible. Of course Yahoo! is no Microsoft, at least not yet. There is a feature on flickr that I haven't taken advantage of yet, but it seems really cool and I'm surprised it hasn't been done before (at least as far as I know). You can upload your pictures, and add little areas in boxes that contain more information. When someone goes to view the pictures, the image loads and there are the little boxes, superimposed on the image for a few seconds, then they disappear. When the viewer places the cursor over that area of the image, a little text blurb pops up with the additional info or comment or whatever. I think anyone can add comments to an image, and I think it is possibly the greatest online photo gallery feature I have ever witnessed.