Let's see...I've already gone from North Carolina's winter to Minnesota's winter...what's left, you say? Why FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA winter, of course! A perfectly balmy 17 blustery degrees and sunny today. 'Tis winter at it's finest. Drove up yesterday ot visit Val and her family. Heading back tonight so I don't miss Christmas Eve.


I always like a little coffee to start my day off right.

8:30 am - 3815 Burt 2 RDU
10:10 am - RDU 2 ATL
1:00 pm - ATL 2 MSP
3:30 pm - MSP 2 1546 Breda

Slight flight delay out of ATL.

It looked pretty crappy when we landed, but the gray cloud cover was actually trapping some warm air and it was a surprising 43° here in Minnesota. Today it's trying to snow. Unfortuantely, it looks like a rare "beige Christmas" in Minnesota this year. I'm still very glad to be here.


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