Portland got nothing on us!

Portland, OR this week:

Middletown, CT this week:

I actually checked, and we average about 9 more inches of rain per year than Portland. We seem to get no fewer than 3 inches of precipitation every month, all year 'round, while Portland gets it heavy for the winter months, but much less for the summer.


Blogger grickleguy said...

Your findings have humbled me. There will no longer be posts on our blog complaining about rainfall in Portland!

7:49 PM  
Blogger lizzie lou said...

oh no, i'd just a few minutes ago been consoling myself with thoughts of the OTHER portland. as in, at least i don't live THERE, where it's like this (gray, cold, and pouring down rain endlessly) ALL the time. i bet the original portland, where i live, has very similar rainfall to middletown.

david's sister

11:14 AM  

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