Almost forgot...

Yesterday Mrs. Cupcakes and I went to West Hartford, specifically to go to a yarn store called Sit 'N' Knit, which was great and we both bought some yarn, but we also ended up getting some plants and some cheese from a parking lot farmer's market, AND went over to the library's book sale, where Mrs. Cupcakes bought books and I bought CDs...

Peggy Lee, Fever & Other Hits
Fiddle Sticks, Irish Traditional Music from Donegal
Charlie Rich, Super Hits
Indigo Girls, Retrospective
Richard Thompson, Action Packed - The Best of the Capitol Years
Jamiroquai, Synkronized
The Strokes, Is This It

...for $12, TOTAL. 5 of the 7 were shrink-wrapped, new CDs. FOR $12! HUZZAH!


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