Mid-town, CT

Yesterday, after an eeeeeeeeeeeearly morning drive to the airport, we took our 6:30am flight to DC, and then wondered if we'd get to take the next leg to Hartford, CT. The winter weather that had just pummeled the midwest was headed up through New England, and our flight was in danger of cancellation. We took off, but by the time we got to Hartford, we weren't so sure about the landing. After circling and decending, we realized that the "cloud" we were in was actually all the snow and until we were about 50 feet over the runway, you couldn't see anything.

The landing was fine, but the airport wasn't sure where to put us, so we taxied around for a while. We ended up getting in about 45 minutes later than scheduled. We took the shuttle to the rental car and it looked like this outside:

We had to scrape off the rental (Thrifty Rentals, indeed!) and head into the blizzard to drive the 30 miles to Middletown. The freeway was awful, and we never topped 45 mph, but we made it to Middletown a little later than planned. We looked at an apartment right away, and then had lunch at the local historic diner.

Val ordered salmon cakes, and they took a little while, but when they came they looked like this:

This is O'Rourke's Diner where we ate:

AND this is Val's new library:

We met with Val's new boss, and some other folks from the department stopped in to say hello. I got a quick tour of the facilities, and Val and I walked around the library. A view from the top floor of the library, of all the sledding students:

and us looking out the window:

We went from campus and checked into our hotel. We're right downtown on Main St., close to campus and the best of Middletown. The view from our hotel window on Main St.:

Last night we walked to dinner. Today was looking at housing, and hopefully we'll have that all sorted out soon. Tonight we're having dinner at Little Tibet.

And that's the news from Middletown, CT.


Blogger david said...

Middletown looks great. I forgot about how every New England town has their historic (or sometimes "historic") diner. I can't wait to visit.

11:28 PM  

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