Mittenpaw II

Nothing more to add to the mittenpaw drama, just a better picture of it. Maybe I'll just call him "Drumstick" while the fur grows back in.

So, to fill y'all in on some details, Cupcakes and I are headed for CT this weekend because we're MOVING to CT in January, as one of us is gainfully employed there now (I'll give you 3 guesses and the first 2 don't count). We're gonna scope the place out, try to arrange lodgings, and generally familiarize ourselves with Middletown, CT and the surrounding area.

It looks like a cool little college town, and I have the addresses of the local record, camera, and toy stores, so I'm not going in blind. There seems to be a fair amount of industry there, including printshops of all shapes and sizes, so ungainly employment for the rest of us shouldn't be a problem.

We'll be there , in between NYC and Boston, and all y'all are welcome to visit, or let us know when you'll be in one of the major metropolisesesses nearby.

Adventure, thy name is VALEX™!


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