Night out!

Night out!, originally uploaded by doctorhectic.

We drove to Raleigh to witness one night of the Seventh Annual Great Cover Up at Kings Barcade. Dean is a big fan, and rightly so. It consists of multiple nights of local bands covering anyone they like in short sets of 4 or 5 songs. This is full-costume, full-on covering. We met Jill and Jamie at Dean's house and headed downtown Raleigh. The line up consisted of the following covers:

Freddie Mercury (One guy with a mustache and a gold lame jacket sitting at a piano quietly fumbling through some songs. Funny, but thankfully a short set.)

Elvis Costello (With double doubles! The first song was a guy in standard young Elvis garb, but they also had a bandmember with the later "Hermit Elvis" look. Very good.)

Three Dog Night (The highlight of the evening. Mustaches, wigs, dashikis, choreography, crowd banter, and, like, 7 or 8 band members.)

The Birthday Party (This was a serious tribute. Seriously.)

Kyuss (Why?)
Anyway, we left after Kyuss took the stage, partly because we didn't understand the name of the band, but mostly because we didn't wanna listen. Overall, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you find yourself in the area of Raleigh, NC.


Anonymous jill said...

what a fun night! you and ms. cupcakes need to come back next year!

10:35 AM  

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