Awwww! Mitten Paw!

Mitten Paw!, originally uploaded by doctorhectic.

The sad story goes like this...Val gets job, Alex gets flowers for Val, Bucky eats leaf from flowers (lillies), Alex looks up hazardousness of lillies for cats online...HIGHLY TOXIC...Val, Alex and Bucky go to all-night emergency vet in Durham, Bucky gets 3 different vomit-inducing cocktails, one of which eventually makes him throw up, vet recommends constant fluids for up to 48 hours, Bucky left overnight at vet, picked up first thing in the morning and taken to regular vet, left for day at vet, brought home overnight, brought back to vet for more fluids next day, brought back to vet day after that for bloodwork to make sure kidneys have not failed. Bucky's paw was shaved for his bloodwork samples/fluids, and now it looks like he's wearing a mitten. Now you know the mittenpaw story.


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